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The goal of the #Road2NSPRA campaign is to build hype among members prior to the NSPRA conference in July! The #Road2NSPRA captain selected applications that give the artifact the most diverse and well-rounded journey leading up to conference. The #Road2NSPRA journey will begin in late March/early April.

Host Information

#Road2NSPRA Merch

All proceeds benefit the NSPRA Foundation.
Order by March 26 at 5 p.m. ET All items will ship in mid-April.

#Road2NSPRA has raised over $4,000 since 2017 to help young professionals attend the NSPRA seminar. 


#Road2NSPRA is not maintained or operated by the official NSPRA organization. #Road2NSPRA is a campaign created by members for members.